Gliding traditions that have been present in Pociūnai since 1957!

The airfield of Pociūnai appeared as a military base of the Soviet Air Force when under Molotov-
Ribbentrop Pact Lithuania was occupied by USSR. After WWII it remained unused for about two
decades until gliding enthusiasts from Kaunas have settled there in 1957. Despite the “iron curtain”
and the militarized DOSAAF procedures, Kaunas gliding club continued to operate successfully and at
that time became one of the best gliding clubs in the entire USSR. Right after the Restoration of the
Independence of Lithuania in 1990, new spaces started to gradually open up not only for our pilots,
but to pilots from all over the world as well.
The first international FAI competition in Pociūnai, the 1st World Women’s Gliding Championship,
took place in 2001. Since then, there have been multiple international gliding events held in the
airfield, including the 40th International VGC Rally in 2012. After the 12-year long break, the Kaunas
County Gliding Club is delighted for the possibility to host vintage gliding enthusiasts in our airfield
once again in 2024 – we are looking forward to meeting you all in the 51st International VGC Rally,
Pociūnai, Lithuania.
Our location:
POCIUNAI airfield
Kaunas county, Prienai district
54˚ 39.40′ N and 024˚ 02.00′ E, WGS 84
Altitude above sea level (MSL) 65m.
ICAO code – EYPR.
Radio communication frequency – 119.000 MHz
Call sign – “POCIŪNAI”.