Unique chance to fly “Young wings“

Do you remember yourself when being a child and looking more into the sky at flying birds than under your feet on the ground when walking? Would you like to grab a chance of just shortly turning “the wheel of time“ backwards and then find yourself feeling like a kid whose dreams to fly are coming true? Here in Lithuania, we have the unique culture of children gliding, the system of early involvement into real flight training, sort of activity you will not find in any other part of the whole world. During days of the 51st International VGC Rally in Pociūnai we will do our best for it to be ready for you to have a try. Though Lak-16 glider is of a special design for children, you will not have to show your passport at the launch site. For special possibility to fly “Young Wings” just take into consideration that weight of the pilot should not exceed 100kg/220lbs and then you are ready to go!